Sep 2017 —Facebook page
Confocal images are also available on our Facebook page (

Jan 2015 —PCP Cover
Project website and database featured as cover article in 2015 Plant & Cell Physiology Database Issue

Oct 2014 —News Article
News article recognizing the work of the Project PI Dave Jackson from Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Dec 2012 —Ordering seeds
Requesting Seeds here.

Dec 2012 —Ordering clones
Order Clones Here.

Dec 2012 —Submit a gene for tagging
You can now submit a gene for fluorescent tagging with this submission form.

Nov 2012 —Project Meeting
Group Meeting at University of Wyoming, Laramie to discuss the status of the project

Aug 2012 —Plant Phys Cover
Project featured as cover article in Breakthrough Technologies: Reliable Transient Transformation of Intact Maize Leaf Cells for Functional Genomics and Experimental Study

Jul 2012 —Plant Cell Cover
Project featured in Plant Cell cover article: Pod corn is caused by rearrangement at the Tunicate1 locus in maize.

Mar 2012 —Project Meeting
Group meeting before the Maize Genetics Conference at Portland, OR

Mar 2011 —Project Meeting
Group meeting with the NSF Advisory Committee before the Maize Genetics Conference at St. Charles, IL

Oct 2010 —NSF Award #1027445
Project receives renewal funding from the NSF to develop a two component system in maize for characterization of cell/tissue-specific gene expression

Nov 2009 —Science Poster
A poster about The Maize Genome, published in Science, feature an image from our Maize Cell Genomics project.

Jun 2009 —Book Chapter
A book chapter which describes detailed methods and protocols by Mohanty et al.

Feb 2009 —Maize fluorescent protein tagged lines
First comprehensive set of maize fluorescent protein tagged lines published by Mohanty et al.

May 2008 —Genetics Workshop 2008
Updates on genetics workshop with Little Big Horn College, MT (May 12-16, 2008)

Jul 2007 —Genetics Workshop 2007
Updates on genetics workshop with Little Big Horn College, MT (July 23-30, 2007)

May 2007 —Seeds available from Jackson Lab
Seeds available from Dave Jackson

May 2007 —Seeds available from Sylvester Lab
Seeds available from Anne Sylvester

Jul 2005 —NSF Award #0501862
Project receives funding from the National Science Foundation to characterize subcellular localization of maize proteins.