Seed Lines

Seed request

  1. Please note, due to tighter phytosanitary restrictions, we may not be able to ship seed outside of the USA.
  2. If you are working in the USA, you will have to apply for an APHIS notification for shipping and growing the maize plants. Note that this process takes approximately one month. Here is a step-by-step suggestion on How to apply for an APHIS notification from Dave Jackson.
  3. We also require a Materials Transfer Agreement (MTA) (CSHL or UW) to be completed and signed by a legal representative of your institution. Please note that the MTA requests must be sent to the institution where the construct was generated (see “Lab” column of Gene list table). If you are requesting seed from both institutions you will need to complete 2 different MTAs.
  4. Note that we can only send out seed after receiving confirmation from you that the APHIS notification was approved AND the signed MTA has been sent to CSHL or UW. We send out ~10 T2 generation seed from 3 independent transgenic lines. If you require more seed please make this request in the comments box, below.
  5. To cover shipping and handling charges, we require payment ($10 / seed line, 3 lines of one construct for $25). We recommend that you use 3 independent lines per construct to be sure to obtain reproducible results. An invoice will be provided after the MTA has been completed.

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