Release 5.0All (MF+HC)

Assembly statistics
  All libraries
Starting data (sequence reads) 977,749
% masked 30
% GC 46
Assembled Zea mays (AZM) sequences 153,370
     Average number of sequence reads per AZM 5.58
     Average length of AZMs (bp) 1,580
     Maximum length of AZMs (bp) 16,340
Singleton sequences 122,534
Total AZM and singleton sequences 275,904

Clone statistics
  All libraries
Plasmid clones 573,254
Clustered clones* 383,185
     Average number of clones per AZM 3.35
     Maximum number of clones per AZM 274
Singleton clones** 127,014
Split clones*** 63,055

*Clustered clones = Clones that have been successfully assembled into AZMs with other clones
**Singleton clones = Clones that have failed to form an assembly with other clones (may consist of single end reads or overlapping paired end reads)
***Split clones = Clones for which the paired end reads assembled into separate AZMs