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     Welcome to the TIGR Maize Database homepage. TIGR is a member of the Consortium for Maize Genomics. The Consortium received a funding award from the National Science Foundation in September 2002, to evaluate two gene-enrichment techniques, methylation filtration and high Cot selection, to sequence the maize 'genespace'. Draft assemblies of 287 maize BAC clones selected by the maize community and the Consortium were also produced in the Consortium project.

     We have recently developed an improved version of the TIGR annotation pipeline optimized for maize genomic assemblies. The latest maize genomic assemblies obtained by gene-enrichment (AZM5) and the 287 maize draft BAC assemblies have been annotated using the improved pipeline. Gene model annotation and functional annotation can be accessed via the TIGR maize BLAST server or the TIGR maize gbrowse display.

What's new
3/19/2007 Gene annotation of AZM5 and 287 BACs are now available and can be accessed via our BLAST server or gbrowse assembly viewer.
3/6/2006 Please visit the new web sites for the TIGR Plant Genomics Group and the TIGR Plant Transcript Assembly (TA) project
6/13/2005 Release 5.0 - Fifth assembly of methyl-filtered, high Cot and combined sequence reads is available
11/21/2004 BAC skim sequencing - sequence reads and assemblies of 282 skim BACs are available
9/15/2002 The Consortium for Maize Genomics receives $5.92 million from the NSF to evaluate two maize gene-enrichment techniques